Rapid Sketching 101 – Meet Clothespin Man!

One of the first things we do in a LUXr event or Residency is introduce Clothespin man.

He’s a quick and dirty sketch of a person, so you can quickly get your ideas out of your head and onto a page where others can see them.

clothespin family 200px Rapid Sketching 101   Meet Clothespin Man!With Clothespin man (or Clothespin woman…both are correct, of course) you can sketch pictures of how your product will be used by real people in the real world.

With a few simple lines and shapes, you can make Clothespin folks do just about anything! (Yes. Anything.)

What? You’ve not yet met this clever character? That’s a-okay. We’ve put together a short intro video to get you introduced.

Now that you know the basics, you can communicate even more by adding additional details.

Pssst! Wanna spend some, ahem, quality time with Clothespin Man and Clothespin Woman? You can totally do that. Come to one of the workshops and we’ll hook you up.

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